Tryptocalm is the perfect product for helping horses in stressful situations. Helping your horse channel all its stress from overexcitement into calm and collected strength, Tryptocalm will help you and your horse BE FIRST MORE OFTEN!

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We have combined all the best ingredients in the correct amounts to help your horse cope with stressful situations. Tryptocalm helps your horse to channel all of that energy from stress and overexcitement into calm and collected strength, focus on performing to its maximum ability, travel with confidence, stay calm during a shoeing session, and breeze through a change of surroundings. It will help the trainer or rider to stay in control, so that horse and rider perform and enjoy their ride together as a team. Tryptocalm will help you and your horse BE FIRST MORE OFTEN.


  • Tryptophan  3,000 mg
  • Magnesium  400 mg
  • Inositol 1,000 mg
  • B Vitamins

Suggested use:

Administer orally, to the back of the throat when possible. 1 tube the night before and 1 tube the day of 2 hours prior to the event, or follow your veterinarian’s instructions. Tryptocalm is also legal to show on.

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