Free Airways

Formulated for nasal and pulmonary issues, Free Airways assists in the relief of stable cough, nasal discharge, mild heaves, seasonal allergies, and reduces airway swelling enhancing oxygen capacity. It will boost the immune system improving healthy respiratory function, increasing endurance as well as helping prevent epistaxis (mild nosebleed conditions).


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We call this product a specialty product. It was formulated for nasal and pulmonary issues, such as nasal discharge, stable cough, and mild to early heaves. Free Airways lessens allergy attacks and improves healthy respiratory function, increasing endurance. In some cases, it has helped with epistaxis and nosebleeds.

Horses are continuously exposed to dry, cold, dusty, air and seasons with elevated levels of pollen or other airborne allergens which cause all the issues above.


  • Sodium Ascorbate      3000mg
  • Calcium                        1200mg
  • Rose Hips                     500mg
  • Acerola Berry                500mg
  • Citrus Bioflvinoids          32mg


All these ingredients have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory  properties that help recovery, strengthen the capillaries, and  improve cardiovascular health. They all boost the immune system.

Suggested use:

2 scoops twice a day for the first 2 weeks. For a maintenance dosage, cut back to 1 scoop twice a day. If your horse suffers from epistaxis, we recommend the double dosage with rest for at least 1 to 2 months before putting it back to work, or ask  your veterinarian’s advice. 

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