Layna Kight

Thank you La Victoria Performance for getting your products to me so fast. I ordered this Tuesday night at 10 and received it this morning with normal shipping. Once again, you made me a very happy customer!

Jenna Brantley

My favorite products are Gastro Solution and Liquid Gold. The Gastro Solution keeps my horses eating and helps soothe their stomachs during stressful competitions and long distance hauling. The Liquid Gold keeps my horses joints healthy so they can perform their best. Thanks so much LVP!

Emilee Jackson

I had a mare that stopped sweating and after using Perspire Plus she began to have a sweating pattern again. I like to use the Gastro Solution on the horses I'm riding daily it keeps them eating and level headed. The Tryptocalm evens them out without putting them to sleep.

Sally Young

My horse works his best with the help of La Victoria products. It's simple I give my horse the best care and I get the best results!

Ryle Smith

Layna Knight-The health of my horses is my top priority. If they don’t feel 100%; I pay the price. The open Airway compared to everything on the market today; is by far the most complete breathing aid supplement that I can get. It helps with my horse immune system, seasonal allergies, any nasal discharge; prevents airway swelling and improves their oxygen capacity. In my business a second is the difference between a champion and the average. I am a champion with Open Airway.

Layna Kight

"Since I put my horses on Gastro Solution and Liquid Gold I have felt and seeing a big difference. My horses’ movements are much more fluid which makes my job much easier. The Gastro keeps their digestive system in check at home or away at competitions. Once again, thank you, because these products really work."

Marco Bernal

I've tried everything from OTC supplements to Veterinary Prescribed products, but La Victoria's Liquid Gold and Gastro Solution are what keep my horses on Top. I have not had to do any HA injections since I have had my horse on Liquid Gold; I couldn't be more pleased. The Gastro Solution is the best priced product on the market.

Corey Chilcutt

SheWillThrowSevens keeps tummy trouble away with La Victoria Performance Inc.'s Gastro Solution! He is filling out so much that I am on the last hole of my cinch. I am so proud of my horse and happy to have found these new products. I recommend everybody to try them.

Vicki Wallace-Moore

Excited to part of the LVP Team!! La Victoria Performance Inc. My horses and my clients’ horses are really feeling the difference. Thank you

Alexandra Duncan

I breed and play polo in Argentina. I am the owner of EL CABURE FARM. I have horses of all ages and in all different stages of training. I ship all La Victoria Performance products to Argentina every 6 months; we see the results everyday. Thanks to LVP we are “First more often”

Federico Virasoro

I have used La VictoriaPereformance Products for the past 2 years. I have all my horses on Gastro Solution and Liquid Gold; I have no more stomach issues or irritated horses waiting in the pony line. Also with Liquid Gold I saved a ton of money by not using injectable. Perspire Plus is the best for my one non sweater. And with Tryptocalm I have no more tying up during my matches. I highly recommend all the products.Carlos Arellano.

Carlos Arellano

"Hi, from SC! I won a quart of Liquid Gold about 3-4 weeks ago. My 16-almost 17-year-old “Baxter” has been on it for about 2 and half weeks. And boy has he been feeling good! Good enough to give me a bronco ride and three days later take me cruising around a cross-country training facility. Thanks for the product! It was an awesome win-win!"-

Rebecca Lux

Sham has only been on the Gastro Solution for a little over a week but there's already a noticeable difference in his appearance and attitude to me. He's no longer "ribby" and he's starting to fill out nicely again.When I got a sample of the Gastro Solution I thought the worst that could happen is he just wouldn't eat it like all the others I tried. I was wrong! He cleans his bucket right up (& even I notice a difference in the smell of this supplement vs. others). Melissa Murray.

Melissa Murray

"Less is more. I love La Victoria Performance Inc.'s Gastro Solution because it is simple... 2 basic key ingredients with no fillers." - Alexandra Duncan, International FEI Grand Prix Competitor.

Alexandra Duncan

"Thank you La Victoria Performance and Gastro Solution, 17 hours on the road to Kentucky and no tummy troubles. We won't travel without this ever again!!!!" - Susan Guinan, Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center/p>

Susan Guinan

La Victoria Performance
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