Why are Liquid Gold and Gastro Solution in liquid form?

We were able to make two products as liquids and one as a paste.

The liquid and paste forms are absorbed into the system faster because absorption starts in the mouth of the animal, achieving a faster result and a greater absorption of all the ingredients.

Why are Open Airway and Perspire Plus in powder form?

The ingredients used in some products are impossible to combine in a liquid form. For powders we have to use larger quantities of ingredients to achieve the same rate of absorption rate.  Also, powder supplements require a small dosage per feeding so they do not overwhelm the grain feeding.

What if my horse is a picky eater or will not eat its grain when these products are mixed in?

Most horses will eat anything that is mixed in with their grain as long as it is in small quantities and has a pleasant smell or mild sweet flavor. But there is always the picky eater who does not take much provocation to make it shy away from its feed. Our liquid supplements can be administered directly into the mouth with a syringe before feeding time. For the powders, we recommend starting by adding them to the grain in diminutive quantities, or mixing the powder with sweet feed for the first two or three days. It is very rare for the supplement to be rejected. If you have a picky eater, we recommend giving it some time and care. Soon the horse should gain confidence and start eating the supplement with its feed.

Can LVP supplements be mixed with other supplements?

Yes, other products should not affect our products. However, we recommend that you check to make sure that whatever other supplements you are feeding can be mixed with anything else.

Is my horse the right age for LVP supplements?

Our products are safe to give to animals of any size and any age. Just feed the correct amount per pound. If your horse or animal is in any form of discomfort, you should try our products to help it lead a more comfortable and useful life. Our products can be given to mares in foal to enhance their health and the health of their offspring.

Are LVP supplements certified by the FDA or any organization?

Animal supplements do not require any type of inspection or testing of ingredients. Here at LVP we take pride in keeping a high standard for our products. We guarantee that what is on the label is what is in the product.

Do any of LVP products TEST?

The ingredients in our products are not banned from most types of competitions. It is your responsibility to be aware of any updates or changes to the rules of your organizations to make sure the products do not test.  If you have questions, contact us and we will help you research the regulations of your particular organization. We do not recommend using RELAXER in F.E.I. competitions.

What is the shelf life of LVP supplements?

We do not recommend keeping any supplement longer than one year, especially if it has been exposed to extreme weather or temperatures.

You can always reach us at 800-886-1958 or contact us via e-mail with your questions. We also recommend sharing any questions with your veterinarian.

Our goal is the well-being of your horse or animal. We recommend trying our products, giving tender loving care, and allowing time for your animal to heal properly.

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